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The Chairman upholstery is known for it's quality workmanship 

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Furniture Restoration

Furniture restoration requires a combination of artistry, craftsmanship, and a deep understanding of historical and traditional methods. It is a meticulous process aimed at preserving the beauty and functionality of furniture while respecting its unique history and character.


Upholstery serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, transforming basic furniture frames into comfortable and visually appealing pieces. Skilled upholsterers combine traditional techniques with modern materials to create custom solutions that meet the unique requirements of each piece of furniture.

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Custom-Made Pieces

Refers to the process of creating upholstered furniture that is specifically tailored to the unique preferences, requirements, and specifications of an individual or client. From design customization to quality craftsmanship, it provides a personalized approach to furnishing homes and spaces.

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Commercial Upholstery

Cater to the unique needs and requirements of businesses, ensuring that furniture in commercial settings is not only aesthetically pleasing but also able to withstand the wear, and enhancing the visual appeal, comfort, and functionality of furniture in businesses and institutions.

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Domestic Upholstery

Versatile and skilled craft that caters specifically to the needs of homeowners. Whether it's refreshing existing furniture, creating customized pieces, or preserving the heritage of antique items, domestic upholstery contributes to the overall comfort, style, and functionality of residential spaces.

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And More

The Chairman stands out as a specialist in the field. If you're seeking to revitalize your sofas, chairs, or bedheads, The Chairman is the top and exclusive choice. Whether it's restoring antiques or working on contemporary designs, we handle a diverse range of upholstery projects with expertise.

"Just had eight very old oak dining chairs reupholstered. Stunning job... has transformed the furniture. Can highly recommend the Chairman from the beginning of the job through until the delivery. Well priced, friendly service, incredible attention to detail. Thrilled."

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